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Here's your smile for the day!!

Have you ever wanted to block all those ads you get online?  Everything from ads in the side bar on FaceBook, to ads playing before your favorite YouTube videos?  I found an ad blocker that is the BEST!  I discovered it while watching a live web cam from Alaska, The Last Frontier (I'm sort of fascinated with Alaska - okay, a LOT fascinated with Alaska!!).  Every few minutes an ad would play during the live feed.  Annoying - right?  Someone who was chatting on this live feed with other viewers suggested downloading this certain ad blocker and those ads would no longer show.  I tried it.  It worked!  Not only for that but on FaceBook, YouTube, Yahoo Mail, everything!  I couldn't believe it.  No more ads on anything.

It's called Adblock Plus.  You simply go to their website and download the extension for your browser.  Don't worry - it automatically knows which browser you are using.  I have it on my Chrome Browser and FireFox.  I haven't tried Explorer - but I would guess it works for that one too.   You'll see a little stop sign with ABP in it up by your URL line.  The number below it counts the ads it has blocked on that certain page.  Awesome, huh?!?!?

Here is the main Yahoo Mail log in page.  See the HUGE ads that appear each time?

Here is my Yahoo Mail log in page.  No ads!

I have had to uninstall it once and reinstall it because I started to get some ads coming through - and reinstalling it solved the problem.  Other than this, I have had no issues with it, and it doesn't mess with my computer and its speed or anything.  

Oh, Happy Day!

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