Capes for Kids

**Updated July 2014 - This is an ongoing project for me, so although this original post is old, I am still accepting capes all the time.**

I love to see people helping children in 3rd world countries.  I know this brings sunshine to many, many people.  I am getting involved in the Days for Girls organization that helps young women with their menstrual cycles in these 3rd world countries (I will post more about this project a little later when I get everything figured out).
I get a little sad, however, thinking about all the children here in America who could use those services.  I have found one that I think will be a very good fit for me.  The project of capes does not require any sewing (the pattern they have in Family Fun Magazine - CLICK HERE FOR PATTERN) - I don't sew, so this is a GREAT one for me!!

It is from an organization called Enchanted Makeovers.  The project is called Capes for Kids.

I would like to ask my readers to help me make this happen!  I have set a starting goal of 100 capes to send to this organization to distribute.  Will you help me?

How to help:
1.  Go to the link to make a cape (the Family Fun pattern)
2.  Email me when the cape(s) are complete.  ywbooks@yahoo.com   I will email back to you my address to ship them to (postage paid by you).
3.  You can enclose any kind of cash donation with your capes.  100% of this donation will be used for this Capes for Kids project - 100%!!
4.  When I receive the goal of 100 capes - I will ship them to Enchanted Makeovers.
5.  They will distribute them where they are needed most.

If you have any questions, please post a comment on the post and I will reply to it.  This way, if others have the same questions as you - they won't need to ask again.

Let's work together to bring SUNSHINE to the lives of these kids in shelters.

Thank you so much for your service and donations!!

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  1. Hi! I have a young women who wants to do this as one of her value projects. Are we still able to make capes and give them to you?
    Erica Jensen

    1. YES! When she is ready to send them to me, I will email you my address. Or, if you want to email me privately, I can send you my address now. ywbooks@yahoo.com Thanks! ~Vickie

  2. We would like to do this as a service project for our summer camp. are you still looking for donations? please email me at biggsfam90@hotmail.com



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