Posting a signature graphic into your blog posts

I wanted to add this cute signature graphic of my name and a sunshine tree to be at the end of each of my blog posts.
post signature

I found lots of tutorials online that messed with the html - and placed the graphic in places I didn't want it.  I finally figured out how to do it so it is actually at the end of my posts instead of under them, or in other places.  Here's how you do it after you have your image URL:

Go to your blog and sign in > Click on Design > Click on Settings > Click on Posts and Comments > On the Post Template line click
ADD (this will open up a text box) > Copy and paste this code (everything orange & green - including < to >:  <img alt="post signature" class="centered" src="http://lds-yw.com/assets/images/Vickie_signature_spotA.jpg" />  BUT CHANGE the URL (in green) to your image URL.  Starting at http://  Leave the " /> at the end.

You will now have a signature graphic at the end of each of your new blog posts (this won't add the graphic to past posts).  Oh, Happy Day!

post signature

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