While I'm typing this - thinking about what to say - I can hear the rain outside hitting hard things like roofs, cars, the picnic table in my back yard, the bike that didn't get put away last night.  It made me think about the rain.  Rain is cleansing.  Rain makes the sun shine that much brighter.  I love rain.  I love the smell of rain.  I love the sidewalks after rain.  I love that the rain greens up my lawn.

When I was a child, I would play in the rain.  I would splash in the gutters.   I would chase sticks down the gutters.  I would just let it get me wet.  I remember one time during an approaching storm, I was looking out of our bay window in the living room.  The storm was coming.  I could smell it.  I could feel it.  It started to rain at the end of our street, and I watched the rain move its way up to my house and engulf the house in a downpour.  I loved it.  This was always a happy time for me.  The rain was my sunshine.  That sounds a little weird, but it is true.  Rain does something to my soul.  It lifts me.

When we lived in Oklahoma, I loved the thunder and lightening that always accompanied storms there.  Although the threat of tornadoes was always there, people in my neighborhood would literally all come out and sit on their porches when a storm was upon us.  The lightning was indescribable and beautiful.  The thunder was loud and powerful.  The rain - a literal downpour (like someone dumping a bucket of water on you).  But, I loved it.  Our whole area loved it.

Rain is powerful. Sunshine is powerful.  Kindness is powerful.  Forgiving is powerful - both for the forgivee and the forgiver.  Forgiveness is cleansing just like rain.  This includes forgiving yourself - which is probably the hardest forgiving to do.

Doesn't this picture just make you happy?  Picture source: National Geographic

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