Simple Obedience

Obedience.  It's quite simple really.  You simply obey what you are told or taught.  Not much to it.  Until you don't obey.

My daughter has wanted a Wubble Bubble Ball for a while now.  They are sold out everywhere and very hard to find!  They're even sold out on their own website.

While running errands yesterday I ran across a few that were actually in stock at a store (sunshine moment!).  I couldn't believe it.  I bought my daughter one.  We played with it lots yesterday.  It was fun.  This morning she wanted to take it over to play with it at the park - so she could play with it in a larger area.  Pine trees line the edge of the park.  As she was walking out the door I kindly reminded her to NOT let it touch the pine trees.  It would pop it.

Five minutes later she was back in the house with a popped ball.   She let it hit a pine tree.

Simple obedience.  It's simple really.  You simply obey what you are told or taught.

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Mopping My Kitchen

We own a shaved ice stand.  It's only open in the summer.  So, as you can imagine, our kitchen floor in the summer is constantly sticky from making our syrup.  And the fact that the kids are home all day eating and spilling.  Needless to say, I mop the floor often.  In May I owned a mop called Swiffer WetJet.  I loved it.  It held the cleaning solution in the handle of the mop.  The cleaning pads were disposable.  It maneuvered easily where you needed to mop.  You simply sprayed where you wanted to mop, mop, then toss the cleaning pad.  Easy.  Until you ran out of cleaning pads or their own cleaning solution (and the bottles are very hard to open to add your own - they really don't want you doing this).  This got expensive.  Especially for someone like me who is mopping my floor quite often.

In June - I had a HUGE sunshine moment!  I found this mop called Rubbermaid Reveal.  Can I just tell you - this mop is so much better than the Swiffer.  It maneuvers like the Swiffer, if not better.  The container that holds the cleaning solution comes empty.  Which means you can use your own (you can even mop with just water if you wanted)!!  I love my Lysol cleaning products.  I can use them with this mop!!  And the cleaning pad....reusable!!  You simply wash it out when you're done.  Let it dry.  And use it again.  It's even machine washable (I wash mine by hand for about 3-5 mops, then after that - wash it in the machine).  You can even buy extra pads and bottles if you need to.  I love this mop.  I actually like the spraying mechanism on it better than the Swiffer.  It is a pump handle, so you have a little more control over how much you're spraying out.  And you can adjust where you are spraying by simply tilting the handle up or back - you can't really do this with Swiffer.

This mop has made my life better.

Now - lets get mopping!

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Ramen Noodles

Ok - this is kind of a random post but I had to share - so read on!

It's summer time.  That means lots and lots of Ramen noodles are being consumed at our house.  We try to think of ways to change them up a bit.  We've put sliced meatballs in it (which is really tasty), sometimes we add veggies - but the kids don't go for this too often.  I've thought of adding soy sauce and pineapple to it instead of the flavor packets, but I have yet to try this - maybe tomorrow.

My favorite is adding hot sauce to them.  Never done it?  Do you like spicy food?  If so, try it.  You'll have to test to see how much you like, but I like mine somewhere in the middle of hot enough to taste and too hot that your nose it like Old Faithful when you're done eating.  Give it a whirl.  You'll love it.

One pointer on how to cook these quick - a great way for kids to make these on their own:
While still in package, crush noodles up.  In a microwave safe bowl (a little bigger is better because it can get hot) pour crushed up noodles into the bowl and add enough water to cover well.  Microwave on high for about 3 minutes.  Strain off the water you don't want as juice.  Add flavoring and anything extra (hot sauce).

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See Something, Say Something

In a parking lot of a store tonight I witnessed a man being very verbally abusive to a woman (pregnant) and physically holding her back from running away.  They walked around the parking lot - he following her and saying very mean things - for several minutes.  I wasn't sure what I should do.  I sat there in my car waiting for some sign to do something as I watched them continue this confrontation.  As I began to drive away, not sure what to do, a police car - two in fact - drove into the parking lot!  I was so relieved.  They stopped.  I walked over to one of them and reported the public domestic confrontation.  He immediately drove over to them.

I am so relieved I said something.  I didn't stick around to see what came of it with the police officers, but I pray that I stopped something terrible from happening once these two people were out of a public setting.

Be someone's sunshine when they can't reach out, but obviously need help.

If you see something - say something.

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I once heard: "Smile all the time - people will wonder what you are up to."

I also read once: "Be so happy, that when others look at you they become happy, too."

Smiling.  Pass it on.

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The Nice UPS Guy

It was a simple act.

I had just gotten out of my car to head into Target.  I hear a honk.  I look up.  The UPS guy, in his big brown truck, was honking and looking to the side of him.  A young lady who had just exited the store looked up.  The UPS guy pointed to something on the ground.  She looks back - she had dropped a bright red shirt on the ground.  The UPS driver drives away before the young lady has a chance to thank him with a smile, a wave of her hand, or a verbal compliment.

A simple act, yet, it made me smile.  Thank you UPS guy for being observant and brave enough to honk your loud truck horn to help a young lady.

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