Ramen Noodles

Ok - this is kind of a random post but I had to share - so read on!

It's summer time.  That means lots and lots of Ramen noodles are being consumed at our house.  We try to think of ways to change them up a bit.  We've put sliced meatballs in it (which is really tasty), sometimes we add veggies - but the kids don't go for this too often.  I've thought of adding soy sauce and pineapple to it instead of the flavor packets, but I have yet to try this - maybe tomorrow.

My favorite is adding hot sauce to them.  Never done it?  Do you like spicy food?  If so, try it.  You'll have to test to see how much you like, but I like mine somewhere in the middle of hot enough to taste and too hot that your nose it like Old Faithful when you're done eating.  Give it a whirl.  You'll love it.

One pointer on how to cook these quick - a great way for kids to make these on their own:
While still in package, crush noodles up.  In a microwave safe bowl (a little bigger is better because it can get hot) pour crushed up noodles into the bowl and add enough water to cover well.  Microwave on high for about 3 minutes.  Strain off the water you don't want as juice.  Add flavoring and anything extra (hot sauce).

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