See Something, Say Something

In a parking lot of a store tonight I witnessed a man being very verbally abusive to a woman (pregnant) and physically holding her back from running away.  They walked around the parking lot - he following her and saying very mean things - for several minutes.  I wasn't sure what I should do.  I sat there in my car waiting for some sign to do something as I watched them continue this confrontation.  As I began to drive away, not sure what to do, a police car - two in fact - drove into the parking lot!  I was so relieved.  They stopped.  I walked over to one of them and reported the public domestic confrontation.  He immediately drove over to them.

I am so relieved I said something.  I didn't stick around to see what came of it with the police officers, but I pray that I stopped something terrible from happening once these two people were out of a public setting.

Be someone's sunshine when they can't reach out, but obviously need help.

If you see something - say something.

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